Hi! I’m Rebecca, lover of Jesus, my hubby, good hot tea and great conversations! I claim a little town in western North Carolina as my home, but Texas has stolen my country-girl heart. I am an Austinite who enjoys big Texas sunsets, hill country drives, and some of the best fried chicken around. On a typical day, you’ll find me writing in this little corner of the internet, reading great books, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, and hanging with some of the world’s best people that I’m blessed to call mine. If you need help organizing a space, picking out the perfect outfit, choosing your next book, researching time management solutions, or establishing new routines, I’m your girl!

Here's a few thoughts on why I write in this space:

From my earliest memory of personal aspirations, four words have been at the forefront of my ambitions: graceful, gracious, faithful, & blessing. I have dreamed about being a congresswoman, a teacher, and a CIA agent, but these four words have been the most life-defining. When I was little, I looked to Emma (Gweneth Paltrow in Emma) and Elinor Dashwood (Emma Thompson in Sense & Sensibilities) as the embodiment of female gracefulness and graciousness, but I have come to see that there is much more to these words than the perfect courtship or the most admirable forms of Southern Hospitality. 

I’ve learned that the ability to live these words out stems from none other than Jesus. I cannot be graceful or gracious without first accepting His grace and then looking to Him for the strength and energy to continually set myself aside so that I can love others. I cannot be faithful apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. I cannot be a blessing without renewing my mind day by day through God’s word, prayer, and time with God’s people. 

I often ask myself, how do I embody the grace Jesus has shown me by faithfully demonstrating His love to my husband, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and church? I believe it starts in my personal life through routines and structures that help me be efficient, consistent, and joyful in the things that must be done. It flows from a marriage that exists to honor Christ. It happens at my table, with words of kindness and truth. It takes place in my neighborhood and church with actions of mercy, justice, and love. And all of this only happens when I consistently renew my mind with the Bible, prayer, and worship. 

I’m learning that being graceful, gracious, faithful, and a blessing means that I have to put myself on the line and do things that aren’t always comfortable. I have to step into situations that are unsure. I have to be brave when I have words to say but I'm not sure if they will be correct, when I have gifts to give, but I don’t know if they will be received, and when I have a heart that is overflowing and I am constantly wondering if it will be enough.

As I share things with you in this space - things that I’m loving, reading, improving, and thinking - they come out of this framework - this desire to give of myself, to love well, to encourage others, to speak truth, and to share Christ Jesus. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here and that in some way it helps you be faithful to who you’ve been called to be. 


Rebecca Lynn